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To Become A Solar Panel Installer | Solar Energy Technician | Solar Contractor

Get the Training to Become a Certified Solar Installer. General courses are going to be your basic certification programs, online courses. Advanced courses through many hands-on programs will generally run about 50 hours classroom time - with hands-on actual training.

For companies that offer their own in-house training programs, you'll find the time varies greatly. It's likely to be closer to the advanced training course time but will be more compact and not as much on your own schedule.

There are many opportunities for different careers in the residential PV industry, including the business and sales side. Registered in small scale industries department. Get udyog Aadhaar number and start business. Later on when your business grows you can get the company registered under companies act of India. Initially you don't need to form a company. Once you've received your solar installation certification, you'll be eligible to earn up to ₹ 5,00,000 per year. Your actual salary will vary greatly upon location - states with higher demands for solar installation will pay better.

If you're a beginner I have some suggestions you might like to consider-
1. Get some training from IST (Job Training or Business Training)
2. Get Local Business license
3. Get udyog Aadhaar number
4. Collaborate and work with an already established company
5. Start with small residential projects

Learn "System Design & Solar Business" from IST - Advanced Certificate in PV Technology & Business Management.

PV Solar Techno commercial Training

PV Solar Business Training
Advanced Certificate in PV Technology & Business Management
This course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential, commercial PV projects and to present accurate proposals. Discussed in detail: safety, site analysis, design, performance, costing, subsidy, financial-benefit analyses, financing options ...

PV Technician / Engineer

PV Technician / Engineer
Advanced Certificate in PV Technology for Technician / Engineer
Solar PV System Installation Engineer is expected to perform include: Designing and installing solar photovoltaic (PV) system at customer premises. Learn through hands-on practical Evaluating installation site, Planning and Supervising installation to go to project site ...

PV Solar Project Finance Expert

PV Solar Project Finance Expert
Advanced Certificate in PV Solar Project Finance Expert
Solar is a leading renewable energy investment advisory boutique, focused on solar PV and become finance specialists. Solar has combined its investment management and project financing, with its deep knowledge become successfully developer and advisor throughout the globe ...

Power Plant Installation, O&M

PV Power Plant Installation
Certificate in PV Power Plant Installation, O&M (Live Project Knowledge)
Is your organization considering going solar, taking care of your commercial solar investment over the long term. A solar installation business will conduct on-site surveys, understand technical drawing and document, work with the owner on financing and install units. Before entering, get IST hands-on practical solar expert training ...

Customized Training for Corporate

Customized Training for Corporate
Customized PV Solar Training for Corporate
Our focusing on energy optimization and technology customization to endow with economic renewable energy solutions. We are one of the best Solar Corporate Training Provider in India. Contact for your own in-house training programs for your engineers, installation O&M unit. It's likely to be closer to the advanced training but will be more compact on your own schedule ....

PV Solar Vocational Training

Vocational Course for Engineering Students
Vocational Course on PV SolarPower for Engineering Students
Before you chose a vocational school, you will need to ask how can you involve in practical workplace, how much industrial experince professionals will share their knowledge, what will industrial link for your future path? You have lot of theory knowledge, searching practical? from where you can go real workplace? IST can give that opportunities for young engineers ...

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Design calculation & explanation was very helpful. Interactive session were good & quires were resolved. Good scope in field of solar to start a business ..... 

- Mayuri Soma Veer,
Executive-Renewable Energy

I could understand current situation of the Solar Industry and challenges of industry. Very good teaching method, covered Design, considering actual site assessment. Giving practical trends going in the market.  

- Anand Krishnanath Deshpande,
GM, Cosmos Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Overall Knowledge given by the faculty. Interactive Sessions 

- Satish S Jadhav,
PR Technologies, Sambhajinagar, chinchwad, Pune - 411019

Upcoming Training

  • PV Technology and Business Management

    Training Duration: 72 Hours within one month
    IST Jamshedpur (J.H) 10:00 - 13:00
    Training from: 2019-06-10 to 2019-06-25
    Last Date of Admission: 2019-06-09
    Total Seat: 10 Nos, Seat Available: 8 No(s)

Press Release

Talent + Training + Teamwork = Startups Entrepreneurs Success Way


Successful entrepreneurs are definitely born with traits that help them succeed. But it's rare that anyone is born with very high levels of all talents. If someone is born without a lot of natural entrepreneurial talent, support and development will help that person. Those with lower levels of talent will still benefit from support and development, but they likely won't achieve that same level of success.


The best way to learn is by doing. Through our structured, step-by-step curriculum of training and challenging business-building assignments, you become as the Founder of an enduring company.

First, attaining a deep level of knowledge, expertise and skill in a particular field could help lead to the start of a more sustainable, high-growth business.


IST is a collaborative ecosystem, where people of all skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences share ideas, best practices, metrics, and feedback. Why? Because helping each other and sharing expertise leads to faster iteration, more efficient innovation, and faster market growth. So no matter how great the idea and how impatient the entrepreneur, IST can help build the basic skills, knowledge and connections people need to start something of value.

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